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Interview Preparation Melbourne

Are you nervous about a forthcoming interview? Are you looking for expert advice to enhance your interview skills? Do you want to learn skills, techniques and best practices to crack the upcoming interview successfully? Then you are at right place.

These days, employers prefer behavioural based interview technique to analyse the personality of the candidate. Sound preparation is required to perform well in such interviews. Well thought out answer with a suitable example which demonstrates your capabilities to the interviewer is a winner in this case.

Our interview training and coaching service will help you to present yourself with confidence in the interview.

Our program focuses on

  1. Practising and rehearsing answers of interview questions based on selection criteria.
  2. Feedback about your present interview skills
  3. Strategies to make a best first impression and branding yourself
  4. Building rapport with the interviewer
  5. Techniques to overcome nervousness during the interview and replace it with confidence
  6. Preparation of behavioural interview
  7. The recommended way for salary package negotiation
  8. Tips for follow up for interview outcome

Face to face consultation (60 minutes): ₹20000
Skype/Via Phone (60 mins): ₹18000

We provide face to face consultation with our clients and also provide consultation through Skype/Phone.

For booking or enquiries, please email