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We guarantee to get you a Cyber Security job. It’s that simple.

  • Do you want to kick start your Cyber Security career in India?
  • Are you a fresh graduate struggling to get a job?
  • Have you migrated to India and cannot find employment?
  • Don’t waste time, don’t lose hope. Each passing day is an opportunity wasted.
  • The longer the gap you have in education or employment, the harder it will be to get a job in India.

According to AustCyber — the Indian Cyber Security Growth Network the skills shortage in Cyber Security is costing India $400 million.

According to CEO of CyRise, India needs to train 18,000 more people to fight the cybersecurity wars.

The job site Indeed has reported, India only has only 7% of the cybersecurity skills that it needs.

In our Cyber Security Job Program, we deliver the in-demand training courses by skilled trainers, followed by the Cyber Security certifications required by employers for entry-level to mid-range employment. iVenture continues to make you job-ready by providing local internship experience.

With thorough job research in Indian Cyber Security market and years of experience in placement, the iVenture Job Program offers certifications in ITIL, Cisco, Microsoft and CompTIA certifications. Whether you a recent graduate, career changer or a new migrant, our Cyber Security Job Program is ideal to start a career in India provided you have you existing IT experience. The job roles may include but are not limited to getting you a Cyber Security analyst, consultant, program coordinator, engineer or other related jobs.