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How to get a job in IT?

How to get a job in IT?

Today’s modern world is so competitive and filled with job seekers, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • How do you find a job in Information Technology? 
  • What skills do you need to apply for a job in IT? 
  • What kind of certifications must a candidate possess? 

These are all the most common questions that every candidate goes through before they even start applying for the IT job role. 

This article will provide tips and techniques on how to apply for an IT role; and, what are the important factors that need to be considered while applying for a job. 

1. Research 

Facts that need to be researched before applying for a job in IT are – current market trends, trending tools and their updates, must-have certifications, recruiters requirements, and strategies and methodologies in use. Document these findings promptly, which will help you to find a great opportunity in the field.

Get to know about the company you are applying for, for example; type of business, clients, projects, etc. 

2. Plan 

Create a plan or strategy to apply for jobs, understand the organization’s requirements and change the resume and cover letter accordingly. Even after applying for a number of jobs and still if you don’t get it, then try a different method or try changing your resume format. Set a timeframe for yourself and work towards it, if a strategy did not work for that timeframe, then change the strategy and create a new one with different requirements and work towards it. 

Create a SWOT analysis for yourself and follow it to achieve your goal.

3. Networking 

Make connections with people who share the same interests and attend meet-ups to grow your technical knowledge and to upskill your job applying strategies. Get introduced to many people who have sufficient experience to recommend you, getting recommended by a professional to a job role will have a positive impact on you by the company. Utilise all available online resources to apply for a job, and look for the companies which directly post job advertisements. Nowadays, recruiters not only look for your technical skills but also they look for other skills and qualities you possess for career development. 

4. Perform tech-oriented tasks

Apply yourself and contribute to open source projects in GitHub if you are a programmer, hands-on experience adds a key-value to your portfolio. Create a plan or strategy for applying for jobs, follow the plan and develop any skills if required. Demonstrating your skills with hands-on experience will impress the recruiters. 

For example; if you are a web developer, have a customised website with great designs and showcase your skills in your profile. 

Include professional details in your portfolio and link it to your LinkedIn profile.

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